We're a virtual team of experts in the business and technology of security, identity, privacy, compliance, reputation, risk management, and trust.

Our backgrounds are in payments, retail banking, e-commerce, government, critical infrastructure services, and enterprise IT.

Members of our team have built and operated high-trust, multichannel products and platforms for organizations including Visa, Intuit, Verifone, Richemont, the US Deparment of Homeland Security—and multiple startups focused on payments, digital identity, supply chain security, enterprise security, and advanced commmand and control systems.

We stand out not only in our depth of experience—but in our holistic approach to creating and maintaining trust in digital products and platforms.

Secure Strategies was founded by Tom Wills in 2001, and operates globally from bases in Silicon Valley and Singapore.

It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation—but you can lose it in a minute.
— Will Rogers