Alipay gives some serious market cred to Nok Nok Labs and the FIDO standard


Nok Nok Labs has announced that Alipay will use Nok Nok's NNL S3 Authentication Suite to authenticate payment users on future versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The NNL S3 technology will provide access to the Alipay Wallet application via the Galaxy S5's fingerprint sensor (which I hope that Samsung has fixed by now). That's a major win for both Nok Nok Labs, a Silicon Valley startup in business since November, 2011 - and for the FIDO Alliance, of which Nok Nok Labs is a founding member. FIDO is an industry consortium, launched in 2013, that provides a standard implementation framework for "post-password" authentication. Its stated mission is to get rid of passwords as the world's default authentication method, and replace them with something more secure, standardized, and suited to the emerging, multichannel IoT world. NNL S3 is a FIDO-compliant authentication management platform for operation by service providers (including enterprises), that's technically agnostic to the endpoint form of authentication. So it supports not only fingerprint biometrics, as with the Galaxy S5, but also voice biometrics, face biometrics, secure elements, trusted platform modules, removable tokens, and others (of which there are many).

I think the announcement wasn't timed real well, as it was completely overshadowed by the Apple Pay launch a couple of days earlier. However, this is also a very significant step in the global evolution of mobile payments. Alipay, often referred to as "China's PayPal" (although it's more appropriate now to say that PayPal is America's Alipay), has an existing mobile user base of 100 million, and 80 percent of China's mobile payments market share. And with Samsung commanding 12 percent of the smartphone market in China, we're talking millions and millions of users out of the gate for the new Galaxy S5. As sexy as Apple Pay is, Apple and its posse of partners have some way to go before they get anywhere close to Alipay's market weight.

Via The Paypers (sic)