IOT will make the attack surface grow beyond human comprehension

In the near future, the sheer number of endpoints and the sheer number of unique threats (billions in both cases) will make it impossible for any person to fully comprehend the security status of the Internet, or even their own enterprise network.  In fact, this may already have happened, and it will increasingly make today's complex threat environment look like Romper Room. Automated threat/vulnerability detection and response, guided by predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, is the future of cyber security. (People will still play a key role, making sure that the automated systems are properly tuned and targeted).

I couldn't agree more with John Hawes, though. We're going to need another complete rethink of how to do security again soon, just as the industry is calling for a rethink today in light of advanced persistent threats and the like.

(Via Naked Security at Sophos)