Watch Dogs: inspiration for life to imitate art via critical infrastructure attacks

Video games are basically out of scope on this blog, but here's a notable exception. Watch Dogs is an impending release from video games giant Ubisoft, which Dean Takahashi believes (I agree with him) is destined to be a blockbuster. The protagonist in Watch Dogs is Aiden Pearce, a vigilante hacker armed with a smartphone in a fictionalized, smart city version of Chicago that's managed by a command & control platform called CtOS. By hacking into CtOS, Aiden pwns his way all around the city's infrastructure, resulting in all kinds of adventures and misadventures. Mobile networks, traffic and street lights, online banks, and the city command center itself are continually hijacked and repurposed, or just taken out. All to Aiden's advantage as he tracks down and takes out evildoers.

The exploits are supposedly very realistic (the game was developed in consultation with Kaspersky Lab!)

If it does, in fact, become a blockbuster, just think of the inspiration it will give people for hacking critical infrastructure systems (black hat and white hat alike) ... in much the same way that War Games inspired the pioneering generation of serious hackers back in the 1980s.

You can see a pre-release, hands-on review of Watch Dogs here.

(Via VentureBeat)