Ghosts in the machine could gum up the Internet and cause hacker heartburn

I'm not talking about the 1981 album by The Police. I'm talking about how billions of connected and continuously broadcasting, devices will not only add major traffic overhead to the Internet and cause it to back up like a clogged drain  (absent competent capacity planning) , but "ghosts" in these systems (security vulnerabilities) will also add exponentially to the attack surface that we already think know is too big.  Hijacked devices could be pressed into the service of botnet herders, cyber vandals, and spies. Imagine being eavesdropped on by your washing machine, or having spam messages show up on your fridge door. Ugh. Good read on this here from the BBC, which focuses on the implications of this problem for in household scenarios. When I start thinking about this in the context of industry and critical infrastructure, I almost begin to tremble.