New Infineon whitepaper: Security on NFC Platforms

Download here from Total Payments' website (registration required). Text from the download page:

Infineon Technologies whitepaper explores the intricate relationship between the promise of NFC and the importance of trust

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is entering the consumer technology mass market and is about to revolutionise everyday activities, bringing a new era of transaction and personal mobility into our daily life. In this whitepaper, learn about some of the key success factors of ensuring quicker adoption of NFC technology and get a glimpse of future & deployment of NFC.

Download this whitepaper to understand more about:

  • NFC technology & what benefits it brings to end users in areas such as:
    • Transactions
    • Security in transactions
    • Wallet functionality over many applications
  • Flexibility of the security technology available to handset manufacturers and service providers
  • The needs and benefits of Hardware-based NFC security solutions